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Newsletter 2017_18

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Services and Events

A Message from ‘Otters’
The poster is on display at the back of St John’s Church

Sunday 28th May
Sunday after Ascension Day -

9.00 am: Parish Communion, Holy Trinity Horsley
11.00 am: Mattins (BCP), St Cuthbert Elsdon

Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches, Cakes and Company
Elsdon Village Hall
All welcome

Last  week’s mystery photo.

The head of the lectern eagle at St John the Evangelist, Otterburn, ‘an exceptional piece of Victorian woodwork, made of oak and given to the church in 1863 by Thomas James of Otterburn Tower’

THE FLYING eagle is the symbol of John the Evangelist (see Revelation, ch 4, v 7) who proclaimed Christ as 'the Word of God' at the beginning of his Gospel. The flying eagle is thus a suitable emblem from which God's word is read, reaching (we hope) the ends of the earth. The eagle is also thought of as the bird which flies nearest to heaven.

Another picture next week

Wednesday 31st May
10.00 am: Holy Communion with prayer for healing
2.15 pm: Funeral Service for Margaret Scott,
West Road Crematorium Newcastle

Thursday 1st June
Suffragan Bishop of Berwick will be visiting the Deanery. I will be showing him round our part of the parish in the afternoon. He will then be at the Deanery Synod.
7.30 pm: Deanery Synod Meeting,
Corsenside Village Hall, West Woodburn

Sunday 4th June
(Day of Pentecost - Whit Sunday)
9.00 am: Parish Communion, St Francis Byrness
11.00 am: Parish Communion, St John Otterburn

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