View from the Vicarage

August 2016 - Be an encouragement

As you can read in this magazine, this month (and next) sees several occasions for people to come together: Redefest, Bellingham Show, Elsdon Fair and many more.They are opportunities for celebration, creativity, fellowship and fun. Let’s give a big vote of thanks to all those people who work so hard to make these community events possible year after year. We should all do our best to support such worthwhile events; they help to bring the community alive. Everyone is encouraged when lots of people turn up and enjoy themselves (the converse is true, too!). As Christians we will want to do all that we can to support these events and projects with our prayers, our practical support and our attendance.

The same applies to our churches. There are opportunities for worship, learning, prayer and fellowship every Sunday across the North Tyne and Redesdale Team Parishes. It is so greatly encouraging to all of us, leaders and congregations alike when our churches are well attended. And its a good witness to the occasional attenders and tourists too. If everyone who considers their local church a special place which is worth keeping attended at least once a week, or even fortnightly, what a great encouragement and witness that would be. Remember, your community needs you and your church needs you.

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